I love my sewing space.  It makes me happy.  It is loaded with tons of natural light and has just enough space to spread all my things out, but still feel a bit cozy.  The picture above is the aftermath of what happens after a project where there is muslin in the floor, scraps everywhere a la Eleanor Burns, and you had better where shoes because I haven't broken out the super magnet to pick up the pins.  

This is my baby.  A Juki TL-2010Q.  She is fast and reliable.  She weighs like 40 pounds because she is mostly made of awesome metal.  Her automatic cutter is better than most machines I have tried and I love her more than anything.  And I say that even as she sits beside a fancy Husqvarna embroidery machine.  Most sewing of the sewing I do involves a straight stitch and my Juki does that beautifully.  I bought her online from Sewing Machines Plus and it was a great experience.  Good price and fast shipping.
And this is my infamous stash....or at least some of it.  I have two other closets....but hey who doesn't, right? he.he.  (long uncomfortable silence.)  
My space suits me.  I can sew and create jewelry and do whatever else I want.  When I have had enough, I can walk out and close the door behind me and know that the mess behind the door is mine and NOBODY can SAY A WORD to me about it.  I love that!  

Thanks for letting me share my space with you.  I have loved seeing your spaces over the years, so I thought I would share mine.
Interested in me, huh?  Strange one you are.  

I like to think of myself as a renaissance woman.  The type who builds things, sews things, grows things, writes things, etc.  I am happy to see more and more people are coming to that realization as well.  It's a really good thing when people learn to do and not to depend.  

I started sewing at a VERY young age.  I tell my mother that I was her sweat shop employee.  She worked for Levi Strauss for a long time and then struck out on her own to design wedding gowns and such fancy things.  I was the one sewing on the beads and tiny things she "claimed" was easier for me to see.  HA! Poppycock.....

I always thought I knew better than her.  Could do it faster, with less material and all that....and everything I made always either fell apart or never got finished.  So, I finally submitted to her tutelage and am the better for it.  

I used to tour and sing all the time, but after a while I needed a bit more security.  I had a daughter and wanted to provide her with a stable, happy life which required more moola than I currently had at the time, so I put that fancy degree to good use and joined the corporate world.  I still write songs and sing and encourage my girl to be as creative as she possibly can.  So that feels good.  

I found this fabric on the EmmaOneSock website last year after reading about it on Gertie's blog, after she saw it and recognized it from Anthro's site.  I just love how everything is so gosh darn connected.  

I made this skirt last night, of course stopping around the 2 AM mark which seems to indicate that I never seem to hit my stride until then.  Also, 2 AM is also when I am more prone to stupid mistakes, like the ones that you can't recover from.   
It still has to be hemmed. I HATE hemming.
It came together quickly even though I NEVER seem to understand the instructions in Burda Style mag....NEVER!!!  But, I digress...  I still have to hem it and I am trying to decide how long I would like it to be.
My studio is a mess.....sorry
I just draped some green knit fabric that I found at my local fabric shop that I "plan" to make into a top.  More to come on that once I figure out exactly what I want to do. 


    I am a singer/songwriter, torn between my corporate life and my creative life, who just so happens to come from sewing roots deeper than the swamp, who still believes it's better to do it yourself.

    So, why 2AM?  Because, just like any good musician, I am nocturnal.....and my creative brain likes to catch its creative wind then... unfortunately my body normally shuts down on me then.... Go Figure... And sleep normally wins.

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